Good Night Guys! (or Guest Post II)

So we managed to get through yet another day. It was not too bad for a Monday. But it’s almost nine o’clock and my bed is not ready. Sniff. I checked – it’s not there! Where is my red blanket, you know the woollen Ralph Lauren, made in China? Did you wash it, mom?

I’ll need to call it a day soon. Dad’s already in the bathroom, but what are you still doing? This gives me a slight suspicion that my wellbeing might be of a lesser priority…and we don’t want that. Our relationship is built on trust! You better bring my blanket nowff. Or …are you still sour about the little incidente today? You need to let it go!

I’ve gotten into the habit of reflecting back on the day before I fall asleep. It’s useful. I can learn from my obvious mistakes. Like the one today when you left for your meetings. I should’ve seen it coming. It will only take a while, dear. Right! I thought you were talking about mixing something delicious for me cause it’s Monday. But the tone was not quite right. There was some quilt in it, am I right? And you spent too much time in the bathroom. At least 15 minutes, I sat behind the door. And then pooff, you were out of the door. I should’ve been ready. You know I love car rides…the flapping of my ears in the wind. There’s nothing more enjoyable, almost. And I would’ve watched your car. You’d just need to leave the a/c on.

But you just went. And you left the radio on, not the TV. I can’t stand classic rock, but love watching CNN. How could you forget, so into your work? Or just didn’t care? Now, what am I supposed to do? Nothing to do, it’ll be so boooring. But then I discovered you had also forgotten to close your office door. Maybe you’re just getting mature? That would explain it.

I was about to jump onto your chair to see if you’d also forgotten to close the computer,  maybe I could watch youtube, when a faint scent reached my nose. Sniff, sniff – it was ham, positive! There it was, a piece of your ham sandwich from this morning in the little wastebasket under your office table. It was well wrapped in layers of soft paper so I had to work hard to get at it, but it was worth it! There were some other interesting things too, but nothing more eatable, I checked.

The rest of the afternoon I was pretty much occupied. Tried to clean up a bit in your office, brought a few things into the kitchen close to the large garbage bin, the one with a lid. Thought you’d appreciate my effort. And then I probably also dozed off a little before you finally came home.

I got a treat and a belly rub. Lovely to have you home! But then you walked into the kitchen. I heard the high-pitched what have you done here? You see what I’ve done, I’ve been cleaning! No thanks for my effort – you just walked right into your office. More noises. I can’t hear you now…I’m under the bed. I started feeling guilty, but should I? I didn’t leave the sandwich in the waste basket and I didn’t forget to close the door…something’s not right. Or fair? Eventually you’d realize that too…I know you.

And you did. Love concurs all. Peace. Back rubs, belly rubs, a good dinner, a nice walk, more treats and a nice film sitting in your lap. Can one ask for more on a Monday? Oh, I was in my thoughts, thanks mom for the blanket…I knew you’d bring it! It smells good, here you go, a good night kiss. Lick lick, love you too.

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