Happy Easter by tiny

The flower was ethereal

 reflecting inner light

alongside its brilliant colors

when it suddenly appeared

on a cloudy spring day

in front of those who could see it.


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate this holiday! 


Uh, huh. The movers came last night. The PC movers. They packed all the programs, files and settings from the shelves and cupboards of my old home. And dumped the boxes overnight in my new home. Faster than promised delivery. I was there at 3 a.m. to check on them. Lots of stuff, 100 plus gigabytes.  It’s all there and nothing is broken. But what a mess! Boxes with minimal descriptions stacked in every corner. Can’t find anything. “Kitchen” could mean plates, cups or a garlic press. You know how it is.

My new home is quite close to my old one. I only moved from number 7b to number 8b on the same street. It’s called Windows. On the outside my new home looks quite similar to the old one. Same curb appeal, but that’s where the similarity stops. I thought I deserved a truly modern home, “all granite and stainless steel”, so to speak. Lot’s of efficient, green power and the latest gadgets. And it’s all there! But I can’t find any owners manuals. I guess I’ll get to use my intuition in learning how to operate everything.

I’m grateful my key worked. And now, coming back home, I only need to walk up to the front door, look up briefly, center myself – and it opens. I’m recognized as the owner. That’s always something. Makes you feel good.

I’ve been sniffing around the boxes this afternoon, opening a few, doing little reconnaissance. Found my blogs, among some other small necessities. I realize that settling into my new home will take some time. Need to open all the boxes, reorganize my furniture and do more decorating. Make myself feel at home. All in its time. Patience. And more patience.

Moving is really stressful. I’m sure you agree. And thanks for your understanding if I can’t find your blog right away. Now I think I’ll need a walk on the beach. Sunset time.

Sunset time by Tiny

Sunset time by Tiny


First pull back your fears

Have clear vision of your goals

Then dive in head first.

Sky and grass Africa

It’s all about perspective. When you lay on your back on the parched ground, you will see bright blue skies through the opening formed by your body in the tall elephant grass. It’s yellowed and crispy. It doesn’t move. You see, there is not a breath of wind. Instead, the air is vibrating in the heat, adding shifting patterns to the sky. And you think of dance. Relaxing, slow dance of the universe. Music in B flat. Your perspective on life is being adjusted by Africa.


This is a short sample of the Prologue in the new book I’m writing (or at least trying to). It will be loosely based on my experiences in Africa.


Garden by Tiny

Garden by Tiny

Walking on a bridge of thought

I arrive in a peaceful garden

where the birds sing of renewal

and the light is touchable by hand.

I will remain here in silence

let all worries and requirements

escape and slowly float away

leaving my soul refreshed

and my mind amazed by life.


Have a refreshing weekend everyone!

A stroller on sunset beach by Tiny

A stroller on sunset beach by Tiny


Sitting in my beach stroller

at sunset time

my eyes wander

out on the vast ocean.

Curiously expecting

life to expand

to stretch outside

what I already know.

My world is simple

yet full of tiny miracles

discoveries that captivate

my childlike mind.


cloud edited

Clouds gather at night

The day’s drama repeated

Dreaming of sunrise.

sun rising edt

Dawn of a new day

Frenzy or serenity

It’s all up to me.


Slow boat to paradise by Tiny

Slow boat to paradise by Tiny

Puttering away

Catching the breezes of life

Glittering like stars.

Racing forward by Tiny

Racing forward by Tiny

Revving up the speed

Spraying  words into the air

Business in season.


Will be traveling for a few days. See you all later, be good.  ♥ Tiny


sand castle 2 on sunset beach

In the sunset land

Mind builds beautiful castles

Dreams seem authentic

Heart’s deep desires manifest

On the canvas of the soul.

Silence is golden

Heart runs wild on the ocean

Mind sits on the sand.

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